Whether communicating digitally or in person, it helps to understand different communication styles. This can lead to even better conversations and help avoid misunderstandings. Communication is a work of art. Although not everyone communicates the same, there are two main communication styles that people tend to adopt, Aesthetic or Pragmatic.

 What Communication Style Are You? 

 1. Aesthetic: “It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it.” 

  •  You look for the meaning behind what’s said. 
  • You enjoy verbal messages of appreciation. 
  • You prefer memorable or good experiences. 

 When Talking to an Aesthetic Person:  You need to give affirmations, Use encouraging language, be aware of vocal tone, inflection, and nonverbal cues. 

2. Pragmatic:  “Here’s the bottom line.” 

  •  You are motivated by practical, tangible things.
  •  You focus on the words people say, rather than the intent. 
  • You take criticism well 

 When Talking to a Pragmatic Person focus on the bottom line, keep messages short, and be direct. 

 How To Manage Your Style: 

  • Set clear goals with tangible results. 
  • Celebrate getting results. 
  • Reward yourself for leading effective conversations 

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