The 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season made its annual debut on June 1st, and experts forecast yet another above-average season with 21 designated storm names for the season. TREECO tree company has compiled a 3 step checklist to help you prepare your trees for the season.

  1. Give your palms a chance  Over-trimming your palms takes away from the tree’s ability to get its nutrients, and without key nutrients, your palms will be more susceptible to damage. Contact TREECO today to get your hurricane tree care action plan set in motion.
  2. Preparation saves lives – Excessively long branches crack and break easily and hazardous deadwood left in place can become an instant projectile. Deadwood can put your property at heightened risk of damage.
  3. Be mindful of mature trees – For a mature tree, no more than 20% of its canopy should be removed. Over-thinning allows wind to hit every branch. A certified arborist can diagnose a plan unique for each of your trees, focusing on its continued long-term health.


TREECO was founded by Ray Taylor in 2009. Since the start, TREECO has grown into a full-service tree service and tractor company employing skilled and qualified tradesmen. We specialize in Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Emergency Tree Removal and more! We believe in quality over quantity, and take pride in every project. We’ve maintained an excellent track record over the years, and ensure every customer is fully satisfied.

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