Receiving mail is great, but sending it feels even better. Before you seal your next birthday card or a personal note, head’s up — the U.S. Postal Service raised postage rates in January. This helps them generate more revenue and financially break even in an age where people conduct business less by mail, and more online. 

Mailing services costs increased approximately 2.5% in 2019

$.55 Letters (up to 1 ounce) : UP $.05

$.15 Letters, additional ounces.: down  $.07

$.50 “Metered Mail” rate, First Class Mail Letters: UP $.03

You can always save money with Forever® stamps and Global Forever Stamps® for your First-Class Mail letters. These stamps are always at the current letter rate, even if you bought them before the postage increases.

Have any more questions about postage? Head over to the United States Postal Office website.



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