It’s almost impossible to predict when a crisis may occur, but there are a few basic measures you can take to be prepared for unexpected weather or life events. Here are a few tips to follow in case an emergency occurs.

  • Know your Evacuation Routes: These may change depending on the situation, so you’ll want an idea of the different scenarios you may face. Identify your cities major evacuation centers.
  • STAY CONNECTED:Sign up for emergency alerts from your local municipalities. Police Facebook and Twitter pages are great sources for real-time updates during emergencies.
  • ASSIGN ROLES: Discuss what each family member will handle in an emergency. For example, mom turns off the electricity and water, dad gets the important documents, kids get the pets, etc.
  • CONSIDER A GENERATOR: Generators will help you keep the lights on should you lose power. Some are powered by gas, others by rechargeable batteries or solar.
  • STOCK UP: See what already you have. If the electricity goes, use the food in the fridge first before consuming nonperishables. Have at least three days’ worth of bottled water ready.
  • SELECT YOUR MEETING PLACES: Set one in the neighborhood, one in town, and one out-of-town. That way, your family can regroup if something pops up when you’re not together.
  • COLLECT IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS: Store physical documents like birth certificates, financial information, and family records in a fireproof or waterproof box and take them with you in an evacuation.

If you are looking for any other tips, tricks, or checklist for hurricane season, check out our Hurrican Preparedness page!

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